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S02 E01
The Syndicate
Watch Video The Syndicate S02E01
Title: Episode #2.1

Watch Video The Daily Show (2012 12 10)
Title: Bishop Gene Robinson
S06 E39
The Block All Stars
Watch Video The Block All Stars S06E39
S11 E04
Watch Video Shameless S11E04

Watch Video Jay Leno (2013 03 18)
Title: Morgan Freeman
S01 E17
The Mindy Project
Watch Video The Mindy Project S01E17
Title: Mindy's Birthday
S01 E04
The Following
Watch Video The Following S01E04
Title: Mad Love
S01 E06
The Face
Watch Video The Face S01E06
Title: Red Carpet Ready?
S01 E07
The Doctor Blake Mysteries
Watch Video The Doctor Blake Mysteries S01E07
Title: Bedlam

Watch Video The Daily Show (2013 03 07)
Title: Tom Coughlin

Watch Video The Daily Show (2013 02 06)
Title: Ed Whitacre
S08 E03
The Biggest Loser
Watch Video The Biggest Loser S08E03
Title: Episode #8.3
S03 E24
Pretty Little Liars
Watch Video Pretty Little Liars S03E24
Title: A Dangerous gAme
S02 E19
New Girl
Watch Video New Girl S02E19
Title: Quick Hardening Caulk
S10 E18
Watch Video NCIS S10E18
Title: Seek
S01 E08
Kimora House Of Fab
Watch Video Kimora House Of Fab S01E08
Title: Fashion Week Virgin
S22 E06
5th Gear
Watch Video 5th Gear S22E06
S01 E06
Doctor Who
Watch Video Doctor Who S01E06
Title: Dalek