S01 E01
Wild New Zealand
Watch Video Wild New Zealand S01E01
Title: Episode 1
S03 E06
What on Earth?
Watch Video What on Earth? S03E06
Title: Gateway to Eden
S03 E07
What on Earth?
Watch Video What on Earth? S03E07
Title: Dagger of Tutankhamun
S03 E08
What on Earth?
Watch Video What on Earth? S03E08
Title: Raiders of the Holy Lance
S08 E09
Pit Bulls and Parolees
Watch Video Pit Bulls and Parolees S08E09
Title: Episode 9
(January 21, 2017)
Click (UK)
Watch Video Click (UK) (January 21, 2017)
Title: 21/01/2017
S08 E04
Outrageous Acts of Science
Watch Video Outrageous Acts of Science S08E04
Title: Beta Testers
S11 E03
The Incredible Dr. Pol
Watch Video The Incredible Dr. Pol S11E03
Title: Doc Nose Best
S01 E03
MythBusters: The Search
Watch Video MythBusters: The Search S01E03
Title: Shooting Blind
(January 21, 2017)
Watch Video Boxing (January 21, 2017)
Title: Mick Hall Vs Jack Arnfield
S06 E09
Total Divas
Watch Video Total Divas S06E09
Title: What Happens in Vegas...
S01 E06
Bong Appetit
Watch Video Bong Appetit S01E06
Title: Marijuana Murder Mystery
S02 E02
Monster in My Family
Watch Video Monster in My Family S02E02
Title: The Nightstalker: Richard Ramirez
S02 E05
Shadow of Doubt
Watch Video Shadow of Doubt S02E05
Title: Murder or Suicide?
S35 E07
Watch Video Frontline S35E07
Title: Divided States Of America Part 2
S03 E07
Watch Video Alone S03E07
Title: Hungry Beasts
S56 E01
Watch Video Horizon S56E01
Title: Clean Eating
S16 E08
The First 48
Watch Video The First 48 S16E08
Title: Deadly Favor / Just Kids